Competition Brings STEM Skills to Life

All students are natural scientists and engineers.  They love to question, tinker, experiment and play. One of the best ways to foster these natural traits is through competitions like those run by VEX Robotics. These competitions are designed specifically to foster skills such as science, engineering, maths and the like, and capitalize on the motivational effects of competitions and robotics to help all students create an identity as a STEM learner.  Beyond the STEM benefits, robotics and science competitions have the added benefit of exposing students to valuable soft skills like communication, collaboration and time management in a fun and authentic way. This year, despite the challenges of Covid and the multitude of school closures across, not just Australia, but the entire globe, we were fortunate enough to once again work with VEX to document the journey of students competing across Australia, in both national and state championships.  Every year that we work with VEX, I find myself astounded at the ingenuity demonstrated by the students involved. The level of complex engineering, problem-solving, teamwork and dedication is nothing short of astounding. In this short video, we interview a number of teachers and students about their experience with VEX Robotics competition. The results speak for themselves. Please, take a look at our short video and if you would like to know more about either become involved with the VEX Robotics competitions as a coach, judge, volunteer or entering a group of students from your school, visit

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