Sphero Ollie


Sphero Ollie is an app-enabled device with an electric motor that can capture the thrill of speed, while teaching about programming, science and more.

Launch the app, then touch your Bluetooth Smart enabled device to your Ollie. Follow the on-screen tutorials and learn the basics of how to aim and drive your Ollie. This app gives you the power to control everything about Ollie – speed, acceleration, turn radius, and glowing LED colours. Driving like a pro takes a little patience, but so does anything else worth doing.

Sphero built Ollie for those who would rather lead than follow, as Ollie can go faster than you can run, topping out at 20kms/hr. Ollie is super tough – go out and tackle the toughest terrain with total confidence. Ollie’s polycarbonate shell protects the electric motor, while the cutting-edge design repels water. This rough-and-tumble robot is built to take on anything that stands in the way.

Equip Ollie with grip tires for off-road traction or remove them to drift on smooth surfaces.

Ready for a full and busy class, Ollie is powered by Bluetooth Smart, and features a 30-metre range and over an hour of drive-time on a single charge.

Easy to use, challenging to master – you can program Ollie using the Sphero MacroLab app. Swipe, tap, or hold the gesture pad to make Ollie perform different tricks. With hundreds of trick combos to discover and master, you’ll constantly be challenged to push your skills. Ollie’s onboard intelligence gives you real-time feedback on tricks. But watch out – if you leave this robot idle for too long, it may get a mind of its own!

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