iCOMPEL from Blackbox is an award-winning digital signage system designed to help your school create, distribute, and manage content in a simple and dependable way. The iCOMPEL Content Commander (iCC) balances ease-of-use for novices with access to more powerful features for experts. This comprehensive platform helps users achieve such goals as brand engagement, increased revenue, increased efficiencies, awareness, cost reduction, student satisfaction – or any combination of those. Imagine being able to run a large outdoor screen at the front of your school to advertise upcoming events and exhibitions while simultaneously using screens around the school to post student messages, room and schedule changes, reminders about up trips and so on. Well now you can because using iCOMPEL™ digital signage players, schools can set up multiple zones for content. Play recorded video, live video (with HD capture option), RSS feeds, data, and more to inform, educate, or notify your students. You can even schedule content to communicate specific messages at specific times such as school events, impromptu assemblies and so on . Publishers can send content, or players can store content and present it as scheduled.

iCOMPEL provides a number of layout templates and makes signage design simple and intuitive with its publishing tools. Literally drag and drop content into the appropriate areas and signs. The system even offers wireless connectivity for networked publishers and subscribers as well as for standalone kiosk players being that content can be distributed and updated at a moments notice from virtually anywhere onsite without the need for setting up expensive cabled networks.

iCOMPEL is a complete hardware and software solution. Each iCOMPEL appliance ships to a user with all the software installed. You can even use iCOMPEL to capture and display live events occurring around your school.

For more information visit www.blackbox.com or call 1300 734 455

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