School Stream


Celebrating its fourth year serving schools across Australia and New Zealand with their popular school-to-parent communication platform, School Stream is an essential tool for every school.

Whether you already use Student Management System, Learning Management System, parent portal, school interview software, online canteen, or none of the above, School Stream is what you need to ensure your parents receive the exact message you want, at the exact time you want.

The secret to the success of the School Stream software, as evidenced by the fact that tens of thousands of parents are actively using the app every day, rests in its simplicity. With its structured category layout, which is fully customisable by the school, parents can quickly and easily find the content they need. Whether it’s absent notes, newsletters, calendar events or their child’s class photo gallery, it can all be seen in an instant. Each piece of content can also be sent by the school in the form of a push notification so the school’s content is never missed, ever again!

According to the team at School Stream, they have even more exciting new developments in the works for this year that will enhance the school communication platform even further.

Contact School Stream 02 8074 5633 or visit

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