Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 – A New Perspective on Scanning


The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 is changing the landscape of printing. Capable of high quality scanning of large documents up to A3 size in a compact unit, the SV600 uses new Versatile Imaging (VI) Technology to provide high quality image capture while ensuring user-friendly operation.

Imagine the cost saving to schools if instead of having to constantly replace lost books in school libraries, students able to simply, quickly and easily scan the necessary pages, then convert those files into searchable PDFs delivered directly to their chosen device. Not only could students save time by easily searching a scanned document for exactly what he or she needs, but any other student who might also need that same text will no longer have their studies effected by lost, borrowed or missing books.

The SV600 can directly scan large documents (up to A3 size) as well as bound books to document quality. The SV600 not only maintains the ScanSnap series’ reputation for sharp scanned data images, it also continues the iconic “One Touch” feature from the ScanSnap Series. Unique features of the SV600 include in-built “Book Image Correction” (ability to remove distortion caused by the curve of an open book) feature and “Page Turning Detection” feature, which initiates the scanning operation via the detection of page turning movements.

Its compact design and overhead scanning operation reduces the scanner’s desktop footprint and even allows capture of multiple photos and or business cards by scattering them within the scanning area. The SV600 is great addition to school library or classroom looking for fast and simple document digitization to PDF.

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