NSW schools follow US as they adopt Google


The NSW Department of Education recently announced that all schools in NSW would have access to G Suite for Education and created Google IDs for every student in the state. NSW is following the US as Chromebook (a laptop that runs Google’s operating system) sales now account for more than half of all devices sold in classrooms*.

NSW is the first State in Australia to have implemented G Suite for Education, which means that NSW students have access to cutting-edge tech compared to their interstate peers.

Over 30,000 devices are deployed each day into US schools and 51 per cent of devices in US schools are now Chromebooks. There has been a massive shift in the market since 2012 when Google products made up only 1 per cent.

As Google, Microsoft and Apple battle it out for the education technology market, Google offers some clear benefits from simplicity and robustness, to a very competitive price point. Chromebooks start at just AUD$350 per device – great for cash-strapped schools where the school buys devices, and for parents under Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes.

The devices can be bought in bulk and this offers significant cost advantages for parents on BYOD schemes, and there are no complex licence fees which means when a child gets their device it’s already pre-configured for the school network and ready to use immediately.

Anuj Dhawan, CEO at My Mate Chrome – a leading G Suite Education Partner for schools – says Google is cornering the market with its breakthrough technology, “Chromebooks have the perfect value proposition for education: They’re robust, easy to manage, secure, can easily switch between users, and are extremely cost-effective. The software enables teachers to offer individualised learning plans that can be tailored to students’ needs. The days of educators teaching the same thing to a class of 30 kids are long gone”, says Dhawan.

Dhawan references the revolutionary Google Classroom – the dashboard teachers can use to manage their entire classroom. With this clever tool, where students share, collaborate and learn in the cloud, it means that Australian students can enjoy interesting, challenging and tailored 21st century learning.

“Today we’re looking at a very different way of learning. We need our young people equipped with the skills to enter the global talent race. I believe G Suite for Education is one step on the ladder to making this happen.” says Dhawan.

My Mate Chrome is now running one-on-one online Education Discovery Sessions for principals and teachers on G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google for Education). To book or find out more go to www.mymatechrome.com.au.

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