AstralVision Kindy Solution


AstralVision has brought a new offering to their classroom interactive product line with the introduction of the AVSK55 Kindy Solution.

The AstralVision Kindy Solution is designed specifically for use within the Kindergarten and Pre-School environment. An AstralVision 55” interactive touchscreen is mounted securely to a low set trolley for stability and positioned at a height well suited for young learners.

The trolley comes in a natural beech wood finish and offers 6 storage shelves and a foldaway laptop shelf. Castors on the base of the trolley not only provide the flexibility to move the trolley to different areas of the room, but can also be locked to keep it stable in a kindergarten environment. A 1200 x 900 magnetic whiteboard is also secured to the back of the trolley to provide extra flexibility and workspace.

The AstralVision Kindy Solution provides teachers with a fully interactive learning setup as well as the flexibility of touch control of their PC when connected to the display. The Kindy Solution also includes two interactive software programs; Snowflake MultiTeach and Perceptual Skills.

The interactivity provides users with the ability to use gestures and other multi-touch functions similar to those used on popular handheld devices such as iPhone, iPad and other smart phone and tablet brands, which is something that many younger school learners are already comfortable with.

Snowflake MultiTeach is a fun, award winning edutainment suite of software apps for touchscreens that can be used by teachers and pupils in early learning and K – 12 education classrooms.

Children have short attention spans. Snowflake MultiTeach solves that problem by making education more fun, engaging and memorable, resulting in exciting interactive classroom experiences that increase the performance of pupils and teachers. In addition to the 30+ off the shelf apps with pre-set content, busy teachers can easily and quickly create curriculum specific touchscreen lessons with custom content using the lessons app.

The Perceptual Skills software included with AstralVision Kindy Solution is specifically designed and developed to stimulate children in a playful and creative way. This perceptual program consists of sub-sections each of which develop a specific learning skill. Each activity consists of different difficulty levels, providing children with the opportunity to progress at their own pace according to individual abilities. Visual and auditory guidance and rewards make this program very child friendly. It motivates young learners to master the skills that they lack or struggle with by playing around with different characters in a sea full of adventure and games.


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