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IG3 Education Ltd, previously known as Eduss Asia Pacific Ltd, is an education solutions provider established in Australia in January 2001. Providing K-12 educational and interactive technology solutions, teacher training and customer support services, IG3 Education has a proven track record in Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa and Malaysia. In fact, almost 75 percent of Australian schools use IG3 Education’s education solutions and products, along with 14,000 additional home users. IG3 Education’s Language Market software is used in over 4,500 Australian schools and the new HTML 5 version of its Chinese and Italian software is used on Education Services Australia (ESA) Language Learning portal. The Learning A-Z products are now used in over 3,300 Australian schools and ReadMe in over 2,000 Australian schools.

IG3 Education’s software products can now be accessed and managed 24/7 via the My.IG3 portal, a single sign-on website, allowing access to multiple products through a single unique username and password. Teachers can view progress, add students to their classes, assign tasks and so on via a secure administration tool and students will only see and have access to the products for which they are enrolled. The My.IG3 App, available in the Apple store and through Google Play, allows access to the majority of the IG3 products included in the portal via Apple iPads and iPhones, as well as Android devices and smartphones. With the majority of IG3’s education software products converted to HTML, the products are platform independent and operable on the majority of hardware platforms used across Australian schools.

IG3 Education’s software products now accessible via the My.IG3 portal include:

  • The Language Market
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • IG3 Maths (an improved version of the Eduss XiTeach Maths product)
  • IG3 English (an improved version of the Eduss XiTeach English and Phonics products)
  • ReadMe Literacy
  • Learning A-Z
  • Headsprout
  • Raz-Kids
  • Reading A-Z
  • Science A-Z
  • ReadyTest A-Z
  • Vocabulary A-Z
  • Writing A-Z

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