New BenQ MOBIUZ 34-inch Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor makes e-Gaming More Immersive.

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With e-Gaming increasing in popularity in schools across Australia, BenQ, the global leader in display technology, have just announced the launch of their new MOBIUZ 34-inch ultrawide curved gaming monitor, EX3415R.

The 21:9 WQHD (3440*1440) display unites 1900R curvature with BenQ proprietary HDRi and an upgraded 2.1channel treVolo sound system for multi-faceted gaming immersion. The MOBIUZ EX3415R is ideal for Sim Racing, FPS, and casual gaming. The new BenQ MOBIUZ EX3415R’s availability is looking around mid to late October, with the recommended retail price of $1599 AUD inc GST.

Supremely Immersive Sim Racing & Gaming Monitor 

EX3415R upholds BenQ’s reputation for stellar colour performance and graphics display with 98% DCI-P3 colour space coverage, HDRi, and unique image optimizers. By opting for a larger colour space than competitors’, MOBIUZ gamers can maximize their game’s graphics.  

Proprietary HDRi adapts screen content to ambient lighting, making sure dark corners reveal their secrets without overexposing bright images. 

AMD FreeSync Premium, 144Hz refresh rate, and lightning-fast 1ms MPRT transforms MOBIUZ EX3415R into the ultimate virtual windshield. Buckle up. Sim-racing is about to get real.

Additionally, gamers can deploy Black eQualizer, Colour Vibrance, and Light Tuner to refine colour performance and brightness to their taste. And, new Racing Mode adjusts the display specifically for clear, stable, expansive viewing. This is ideal for the 21:9 ultrawide IPS curved panel, ensuring stunning colour from every angle.

BenQ went all-in on audio, including two 2 watt speakers, a 5-watt subwoofer, and a digital signal processor that enables selectable sound modes. Per your game or your preference, choose from FPS, racing, sports, cinema, and live music settings. True to tradition, BenQ MOBIUZ empowers gamers who seek control over when, where, and how they game.  

Relaxed Gaming Experience & Extra Gaming Space

Excellence lies in the details. MOBIUZ EX3415R is sleek and stylish enough to add class to any desktop without any distracting from the action when the screen is on. A handy remote control can manage settings from anywhere in the room.

The convenient 5:9 extra screen real estate makes space for multi-tasking. Innovative Scenario Mapping allows OSD (On Screen Display) presets to match an input. When you change your input, settings will automatically adjust. Plus, as a leader in eye-care technology, BenQ includes eye-care options that look out for your eyes while your eyes are on the screen.

“With EX3415R, BenQ approaches truly immersive play from every angle,” says Ivy Su, LCD Product Manager “This performance monitor wraps your field of vision in smoothly-rendered gaming excitement while delivering sonic thrills.” 

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