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The modern classroom should be exactly that, a technologically modern and integrated space where multiple people congregate to share ideas and collaborate. As such, today’s classrooms need to support easy-to-use technology so the focus can be on collaboration and productivity rather than managing the equipment.

With Coalesce, any number of users can wirelessly connect, share, and control content from any device. Coalesce can be used to encourage involvement, drive collaboration, and increase productivity. It‘s easy to setup and even easier to use. Participants can share within seconds and start real collaboration in conference rooms, classrooms, and huddle spaces.

Amongst its many features, users can create a wireless presentation and collaboration environment in any room using laptops, tablets; share from Windows®, OSX, Apple iOS, and Android devices and stream unlimited media sources.

The unit’s compact form factor is easy to deploy behind flat panels and above projectors, while its HDMI connection makes it compatible with virtually any display.

AV managers can save money by leveraging existing network infrastructure within the school (via wired and/or wireless connections) or deploy the device as standalone WAP. Furthermore,  accessing new features and upgrades on Coalesce is made simple thanks to one-click software updates.

Teachers and students can hare desktops with synchronous audio, app windows, web content, video files, images, and more while drag-and-drop control makes moving media in/out of view, layout arrangement, and full screen viewing of any source breeze.

An important feature for any educator is the moderation mode, which supports live preview and control of media items before they appear on a Coalesce-enabled display.

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