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NAO is the world’s leading and most widely used humanoid robot for education and research. Standing 58cm tall, NAO is fully programmable, autonomous, can walk, talk, listen to you, and even recognise your face.

Suitable for beginners and advanced students alike, NAO’s intuitive drag and drop programming interface, ‘Chorégraphe’, introduces basic algorithmic logic and coding. As students progress in their coding skills, they can begin coding using industry standard languages such as Python, C++, Java and Javascript.  Chorégraphe’s inbuilt virtual robot simulator means that an unlimited number of students can program and test their applications concurrently in a virtual environment.

Robots, particularly humanoids, have long fascinated people and featured heavily in popular culture. This fascination with robots makes NAO a powerful platform for captivating students imaginations and engaging them in coding. The ability for students’ to seeing their code come to life, in real-time, makes NAO all the more appealing.

NAO is not only an ideal platform for teaching STEM subjects, it also embodies the concept of ‘STEAM’, whereby technology is not seen in isolation from the Arts and Humanities. As such, NAO can be used to differentiate almost any type of lesson to provide novelty and engagement. For example, NAO’s ability to speak 19 different languages means that students can work together to program interactive conversations in LOTE classes or even program new renditions of Shakespeare’s plays. Furthermore, project-based learning with NAO stimulates deeper inquiry, problem solving, and teamwork.

In addition to STEM education, applications have been created to use NAO in Autism therapy, special education, counselling, paediatric rehabilitation, elderly care, and retail customer service. Along theses lines, students can use NAO as a platform to create applications to assist people in their community.

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