Primary Kids on Track to Reaching Target of 10 Million Minutes of Literacy Development

LiteracyPlanet Word Mania 2015 is a competition and an initiative of LiteracyPlanet, an Australian developed and made online education resource for children 4-15yrs (preK-9+). LiteracyPlanet is a gamified online learning environment to support the comprehensive development of literacy skills. Used in schools and at home:
Word Mania is a word building game, so it involves various literacy skills, including using basic language units, spelling, word recognition, vocabulary and word knowledge. Players have to build as many words as they can from 15 letter tiles in 3 minutes.
There are three rounds (weeks) of the competition, and the first round is this week. There is a competition for children in Years 1-6, and for schools. Leaderboards are on the website and updated regularly throughout the day :
So far we have about 1,200 schools involved and close to 100,000 children, but we hope for even more; the competition is open to enter until the last day of the rounds, on August 16. Children with a LiteracyPlanet login can start playing anytime and people without a LiteracyPlanet account can register for a free login to play Word Mania on the website, or download the free Word Mania 2015 app.
pic1When the last round closes we will determine the overall school winners and the two highest scoring players from each Year level will become our 12 national finalists. Those children will compete live at the national final event in Sydney on September 3.
We are aiming for kids to play 10 million minutes of literacy during the competition. We are already up to almost 4M (= more than 6.5 years!!) – a real-time ticker on the website records minutes of Word Mania played:
There’s more than $50,000 in prizes for kids and schools, including round and overall winners. Details here:
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