7 Speed Reading™ EDU Addresses Core Literacy Issues

picThe foundation for success in school is built on reading. It’s obvious that any student who isn’t able to read and comprehend texts, instructions, and test questions won’t be able to complete assignments or pass exams. What’s not so obvious is the fact that even if a student can read their schoolbooks, when they can’t get through that text in a time-efficient manner, they’ll still fall behind the rest of the class.

Because most literacy evaluation focuses simply on a student’s ability to read, without including an examination of how long the task of reading takes or the amount of information the student retains and recalls, many schools aren’t able to adequately support the students who need the most help – at least not until after those students have a record of poor performance and lower grades. That’s why eReflect’s 7 Speed Reading™ EDU is quickly becoming the resource that parents, teachers, and school districts are turning to for help in solving reading-related problems before they cause more serious issues.


Helping Schools Meet Educational Goals

Sometimes the problems related to reading and comprehension difficulties are found on an individual level. In this case, the goal is to help lower-literacy students keep up with the rest of the class. However, literacy issues can also affect the school as a whole, especially when overall student test scores don’t meet targets. When funding is connected to test-based evaluations, a failure to reach the established minimum can cause problems for school budgets, depriving students of the additional help they need to improve reading skill, and setting both students and school up for future failure.

Supporting struggling students. 7 Speed Reading™ EDU is designed to work with students on an individual, personalised level. The video instruction at the start of each lesson explains the purpose of the exercise and demonstrates the required techniques before presenting students with the opportunity to practice those techniques. Students can repeat each lesson as often as they need to until they’re completely comfortable with the skill. In addition, the system tracks each student’s scores, times, and progress, and suggests additional lessons as needed to ensure that each speed reading strategy is completely absorbed and applied.

Maintaining classroom progress. Because 7 Speed Reading™ EDU is cloud-based, all of the lessons, exercises, activities, and student progress tracking information are available on demand at any time, from any internet-enabled device. This means that reading improvement instruction can happen outside of scheduled classes, freeing up in-class time for required academics. Students can work independently from home, at the library, or after school and still be monitored by teachers and/or group administrators, who can remotely access the students’ use of the system as well as their progress through the speed reading courses.

Offering opportunities for advancement. While the primary focus of many reading improvement programs is to help students reach the level of speed and comprehension that will allow them to keep up with their peers and cope with schoolwork and tests, 7 Speed Reading™ EDU also provides students with the opportunity to reach new and higher levels. Advanced reading skills and above-average reading speed give students a competitive edge when they enter the marketplace, or choose to pursue advanced degrees. Using a program like 7 Speed Reading™ EDU now helps prepare students for success later.


Emphasising Comprehension Skills

Reading speed is important, but not at the expense of comprehension. 7 Speed Reading™ EDU focuses not just on training students how to read faster, but also to remember what they read. The program helps students master techniques that help them quickly pick out key information in text passages, and tests understanding and recall with quizzes designed for their reading level.

These comprehension tests are sorted into grade-appropriate categories, with texts chosen to appeal to students of all ages. Students can test themselves at any time, and watch their overall comprehension scores improve on their personalised tracking graphs and charts. Teachers can use the built-in tests as benchmarks for individual students or for classroom grades.


Building On Success

As students improve their reading speed and comprehension, they’re rewarded with success points that encourage them to new efforts. They can set new personal goals once their minimum literacy milestones have been achieved, and share both their successes and their new targets with other students and with their friends and family. By keeping students inspired and interested, they’ll be motivated to work on their reading skills in school and outside of scheduled class time.

The more a student achieves, the better their confidence and sense of optimism. When students are easily able to get through their assignments with speed and comprehension, they’ll have the self-assurance they need to overcome any other issues they may have related to schoolwork in general. They’ll experience less stress doing homework, since reading the assigned materials will take less time. With more time to focus on homework and exam preparation, students will see an improvement in their overall grades and scores. This success will continue to boost their confidence, giving them energy and motivation to set academic goals they previously thought were out of their reach.


Grade School To Graduation

With 7 Speed Reading™ EDU, schools can offer valuable instruction to their students from the 4th grade on, all the way up to their graduation from high school. The exercises and comprehension testing even go beyond the 12th-grade level, so students can use the advanced modules in preparation for work and tertiary study.

In addition to the pre-selected texts used for training and comprehension testing, students and teachers can also upload any text document and use that text in the exercises and activities. This allows students to read through assignments – for example, a chapter from a history book or a short story for their English class – while simultaneously working towards their reading speed goals. A large library of e-books is provided free of charge that gives students even more choices when practicing their speed reading skills.


Trouble-Free Administration

Because the system is designed to be easy to use and manage, administration costs can be kept to a minimum.


  • Cloud-based technology means that there is nothing to install, update, or maintain. All information is stored in the cloud and is accessible to students, teachers, and administrators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Flexible licensing structures allow schools to choose between classroom-based, school-wide, and even district-level instruction. The system supports schools and student body populations of any size.
  • Lessons, activities, and exercises are already designed for use by the majority of students without any need for hands-on supervision or preparation by teachers and instructors. Students can be easily tracked using the administrative interface.


eReflect is a world leader in self-improvement software for individuals and educational institutions. The company believes that all students should have the resources they need to reach their educational and professional goals, and is focused on helping schools provide those resources to students. For more information on how to provide flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use speed reading training in and out of the classroom through the 7 Speed Reading™ EDU system, eReflect invites teachers and supervisors to contact their sales department for details on how 7 Speed Reading™ EDU can benefit their students and schools.


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