New Series of Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) for Use in Today’s Interactive Classrooms

picRP790 to feature on BenQ’s stand at EduTECH 2015

Advancing its international renown as a human technology provider and interactive flat panel expert in education, BenQ has announced the launch of its new RP Series interactive flat panels designed for the education market: 65” RP652, 70” RP702, and 79” RP790. BenQ believes that hardware and software play equally important roles in an interactive classroom environment. This philosophy has driven the development of the RP Series, which is aimed at facilitating student learning and collaboration in every respect.

Each of these new models thoroughly reflects the company’s aspiration to bring the best interactive touchscreen experience into the classroom, and to help educators make the most natural transition from traditional lecture style teaching to truly collaborative learning. In particular, the 79” RP790 features a classroom-ready display of 98 cm in height and 174 cm in length; this generous display space quickly and easily replaces existing blackboards, whiteboards and interactive whiteboards. The RP790 also comes with a stunning 4K resolution, which boasts a pixel density of 55 PPI (Pixels Per Inch): marking the highest image clarity ever achieved, this stands as three times the PPI of today’s mainstream interactive whiteboards in the 77” to 79” size range.

Total Eye-Care Solution

The RP Series incorporates BenQ’s TÜV-certified Flicker-Free Technology (accessible through Classroom Mode) to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels. This safeguards the eye health of teachers and students, preventing eyestrain, eye fatigue, and macular degeneration while at the same time ensuring instructional effectiveness. In addition, Low Blue Light Technology reduces harmful blue spectrum light emissions, and an anti-glare display minimises reflections for the sake of more legible text and clearer image display.

Open Platform Freedom

Compatible with the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems, the RP Series works seamlessly with a wide range of computing devices – and is touch driver-free. This product line also comes equipped with a custom AndroidTM OS that offers various useful apps for classroom instruction, from WPS Office to Web Browser, EZWrite and Media Player. As acustom platform, it puts schools in full control over the displays and ensures proper usage by preventing downloads and use of unauthorized apps. The RP Series even supports a wide range of third-party interactive software, so that teachers can have the best hardware to accompany the teaching tools of their choice.

10-Point Multi-Touch Interactivity

The RP Series opens you to more classroom interaction possibilities with 10-point multi-touch support. Instead of only inviting one or two students to come up to take part in classroom activities, teachers can utilize a wide array of interactive apps to involve more students at once for collaborative work, from tackling a puzzle task to creating artworks and even playing the piano together. So there is never a dull moment in class.

 Uninterrupted Instructional Flow

The teacher will find everything he or she needs for instruction provided within the front bezel for quick and easy access. These features include hotkeys for the Freeze and Blank features and volume and input source control, as well as a multimedia I/O interface that includes every port needed for teaching, from HDMI to Touch USB, media USB and OPS USB ports, and an earphone and microphone jack. There are also two multi-touch USB ports, including one set on the front bezel for the purpose of connecting up to two devices simultaneously. Even better, the on-screen display’s control panel allows all the connected input sources to be accessed by touch, instead of using a remote control. Finally, the front I/O ports can be sealed away under a protective cover that keeps away curious hands while complementing the displays with a clean, stylish look.

 Proprietary Bundled Software for Enhanced Interactivity

BenQ puts a wide range of convenient, easy-to-use software apps at a teacher’s disposal, from EZWrite to DisplayNote, QWrite and Omnitapps. These software tools facilitate classroom instruction and interaction with enriched multimedia display options, colorful annotation, and real-time collaboration.

“In everything we do, we uphold our dedication to providing the best display hardware possible to maximize interactive learning possibilities,” remarks Peter Huang, General Manager of BenQ’s Technology Product Center. “Since 2008, we have devoted our R&D resources to providing the best education projector solutions for the education market, and now the same can be said of our new RP Series education interactive flat panels. We have meticulously designed and built these panels to bring the best touchscreen display experience into today’s interactive classroom, and we aim to provide a perfect hardware platform that makes room for the incorporation and integration of even more valuable educational resources. With our RP Series, we will continue to follow our design philosophy of ‘Inspiring Learning at Your Fingertips,’ thereby simplifying yet enriching every aspect of interactive teaching.”

RP652 Available now

RP702 Available June

RP790 Available now


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Visit BenQ’s stand at EduTECH 2015 to view BenQ’s IFP in action.

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