Media Release: Are you ready for the 2014 JNUC?


JamfFor three days every year, Casper Suite users from around the globe descend on the renowned Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN for the JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC).

One of the largest gatherings of Apple system administrators in the world, the annual JNUC brings the brightest and most solution-driven IT minds together in one place to:

  • Share ways they’re using the Casper Suite to solve problems and impact their organization
  • Pick each other’s brains and learn new things
  • Meet and mingle with the peers they talk to on JAMF Nation
  • Learn about emerging themes in the management of Apple technologies
  • Partake in the most enjoyable Mini Events this side of the Mississippi

Inclusive, welcoming, and community-driven

The JAMF Nation User Conference is not a sales expo or a tradeshow. Instead, it’s a welcoming, three-day rally of user and community presentations, hands-on labs, developer training, and practical information and instruction you can take back to your organization and use to make a difference right away.

Whether you’re a new or advanced Casper Suite user, you’ll walk away from the 2014 JNUC with a smile on your face, a contact list full of new names, and a ton of new ideas to help you and your organization work smarter.

You’re coming, right?

Registration for the 2014 JAMF Nation User Conference is free and open to members of the Apple IT community.

Need to convince your boss? 

We’re here to help! Take a look at five reasons why they can’t say no.




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