Sphero Releases Ollie; These Are Not Your Parents’ Toys

UnknownNew ‘adrenaline junkie’ robot is engineered for unreasonable speed and programmed for wild tricks

Sphero, leaders in connected play, announced today the launch of their next generation app-controlled robot Ollie. Initially introduced as Sphero 2B at CES in January, Ollie takes connected play to the next level by combining the technology that Sphero 2.0 is known for with innovative controls and integrated gameplay for a whole new experience.

Engineered for high performance driving and tricks, Ollie has the ability to:

  • Launch over the competition at unreasonably high speeds (drives up to 14 MPH), and thanks to the tubular design, can do so with complete control and agility.
  • Execute tricks including spin, drift, jump and flip moves.
  • Through apps, provide automatic feedback and points based on the difficulty of the maneuvers and tricks performed (programming apps also available).

“With Ollie we’ve thrust forward the core experience of Sphero 2.0, steering focus from varied game play to pure driving, said Ian Bernstein, co-creator of Sphero. “Taking a nod from skateboarding culture, Ollie is a complete adrenaline junkie that rockets around at floor-warping speeds and does ridiculous tricks. We continue to extend the world of physical play to the digital life circling around us.”

Users will be able to customize their Ollie with a collection of accessories and parts launching in time for Holiday ’14. Accessories such as nubby tires, turbo tires and ultra tires will give users a completely different driving experience. To enhance the play experience, a Bluetooth enabled ramp is also in the works (the ramp will directly interact with the Ollie app).

Additionally, a durable polycarbonate shell protects Ollie, allowing it to tumble and keep on rollin’. Ollie has the same familiar Sphero 2.0 glow, but is powered by USB charging (vs. Sphero’s inductive charging). Bluetooth LE also allows for instant connectivity by simply placing your smartphone or tablet next to Ollie.

“We are leading the connected play category and want to help shape the future of the toy industry,” said Paul Berberian, CEO, Sphero. “Connected Play is more than just hardware, it’s about an integrated play experience that also depends on great software. Ollie brings this entire experience to the next level.”

Ollie is available immediately at gosphero.com and will ship worldwide beginning September 15th for $99 (USD). For a full list of retailers visit: gosphero.com/retail-partners 


Core Gameplay Driving and Tricks
Apps Available at Launch 4 Apps – Driving, Programming
Body Styles Black or White
Shell Durable Polycarbonate Body
Interchangeable Parts Tires and Hubcaps
Speed Up to 14 mph (6 m/s)
Connection Bluetooth LE (30m)
Compatibility iOS & Android
Charging USB Cable (1 hr drive time)


About Sphero

As the industry leader in Connected Play, we are defining the future of fun. Founded by Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson, passionate robotics and software engineers, we create connected toys, fusing emerging technology with the latest innovations in robotics. Unlike traditional toys, our robots and software allow us to create ever-evolving experiences – changing the way people play, learn and explore. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Sphero team takes fun very seriously.





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