SchoolPRO2 Meets Expectations by Improving Productivity and Efficiency Across the Board

imgresSchool administrators today are more conscious than ever of the need to run an efficient operation. They know that having several non-integrated databases is not only cumbersome, but it is fraught with danger because if data needs to be entered into two or more places, it will be incorrect very soon in at least one of them!

The problem, however, is that no one has been able to produce a fully integrated school management (SMS) and learning system (LMS) that is really competent in each area. For example, there isn’t an SMS available that combines really good student management with a top quality general ledger. There is also a lot of duplication when a school runs a separate SMS and LMS.

SchoolPRO Pty Ltd, an Australian company that has been serving independent schools since 2001, has addressed this issue by providing third-party software that is fully integrated with its latest software, SchoolPRO2. Reckon Accounts (QuickBooks) is still the best accounting program for schools, and this works seamlessly with SchoolPRO2 to provide the most efficient and feature-rich billing and accounting system available. SchoolPRO2 can also be integrated with the best LMS available in Australia: SEQTA.

Let SchoolPRO demonstrate to you how their solution can improve the productivity of both the administration and teaching staff at your school. To arrange for an online demonstration, just contact the SchoolPRO office on 1300 785 121. Separate demonstrations can be arranged for administrators and teaching staff if you wish.


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