Ricky Butler introduces award winning SMART kapp to Australian Schools

pic1Since introducing the SMART kapp this year here in Australia at major events like EduTECH, we’ve been getting a lot of interest and questions about what it can do.

With SMART kapp what we have developed is essentially a digital flipchart whereby a teacher or a student can walk into a classroom and realtime edit a document which can be saved as a PDF or a jpeg and be distributed out to any Android, iOS or any URL device which makes it possible to collaboratively work on that document so it can be used in any environment whatsoever! From our perspective that’s a real game changer.

We are really excited to take this technology forward and really drive innovation in the way education is going to be delivered in the device led classroom where sharing and collaborating content is going to get easier. The SMART kapp has literally taken technology in the classroom not only to the next level, but it also makes the IT part easy because you’re literally plugging it into the wall and everyone is connecting through the app and via Bluetooth.

What SMART kapp is really all about is enabling and empowering learners to collaborate with one another in the classroom. You are now also going to able to include parents in the picture on a realtime basis, which is also really exciting.

SMART kapp is all about taking the complexity of technology out of it and ticking the boxes of the communication and collaboration components and making that part really simple and intuitive. Teachers these days are under an increasing amount of pressure and that’s why such a big part of the vision for this solution because the focus is on delivering what they need to make 21st Century education less stressful and a better educational experience for absolutely everyone involved. SMART kapp is poised to break down the barriers that have traditionally gotten in the way of everyone getting ‘on the same page’.

Australia and New Zealand are uniquely well positioned to take advantage of the SMART kapp as we begin to work with the major telcos like Telstra and Optus, and as we continue to enhance and create new relationships with the education authorities across Independent, State, Catholic and Anglican schools. We have also formed exciting and integral partnerships with key organisations like Canon Australia.


To learn more about the SMART kapp go to https://www.canon.com.au/en-AU/Business/All-Products/SMART-Board/kapp


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