ParentPaperwork – Helping Schools Save Billions Of Pieces Of Paper

UnknownEach year around the world tens of millions of parents sign hundreds of millions of paper forms on behalf of their children or relatives. It’s a labour intensive, unreliable and inefficient process.

ParentPaperwork is on a journey to help schools save billions of pieces of paper globally by moving their existing paper-based forms to an online system.

Most schools still rely on a paper-based form to capture parent permissions for activities like excursions and sports activities. Yet for busy parents, especially those with more than one child, this leads to literally dozens of pieces of paper that must be signed and returned to school every year.

A school with 2,000 students could be using 80,000 pieces of paper a year just to send forms home to parents – that’s around ten trees a year that need to be sacrificed just so parents can give permission for their children to attend a sports carnival or other school activity!

The team at Melbourne-based ParentPaperwork are determined to both help schools and parents communicate more efficiently, and to make a real difference to the environment.

ParentPaperwork is an online platform to automate paper forms in education, dramatically reducing cost and improving liability management.  The system manages excursion forms, field trip forms, permission slips and many other forms parents need to complete for their children and send back to school.

ParentPaperwork is simple to use. There is no set up required by parents. The forms are customisable so ParentPaperwork can adapt to a school’s specific requirements.

ParentPaperwork can connect directly to a school’s management database, ensuring the school can communicate with their whole parent body.

Schools can log in at any time to track the submitted responses. With a single exported spreadsheet ParentPaperwork saves a school having to carry literally ring binders of paper forms whenever they take students off campus.

Fiona Boyd and David Eedle founded ParentPaperwork after counting the dozens of forms they had signed for their three children over the course of a few months. They started consulting a number of schools in their local area last year and uncovered just how much teacher time and school resources are needed to manage the many paper forms sent out by schools each year.

ParentPaperwork recently won a StartUp Victoria Pitch Competition with the judges praising the innovation and potential of the business.

ParentPaperwork is looking to recruit school customers around the world for their online forms system. Schools can sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial at

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