Introducing the Philips DVT600

phillipsGone are the days where the skill of taking notes by shorthand are the standard for capturing rapid fire content – and those who can still do it are probably just about as rare as the egyptologists who interpret hieroglyphics.  But in todays educational environments, does this mean we need to learn how to write faster? Of course it doesn’t – and even if we could, there would obviously be so much content we would would miss out on – which could mean bad marks.

But here is a solution that not only fixes the problem, we think it deserves top marks! The Philips DVT600 digital voice recorder is absolutely brilliant at capturing the content of lectures, interviews and collaboration based student projects. We’ve put it to the test in some really tough environments filled with ambient noise including the classrooms, lecture halls and noisy education conference environments where you would use it and we found that it delivered fantastic results for us every time.

Featuring the 3Mic Auto Zoom+ technology that suppresses background noise, the DVT600 also has a clever motion sensor that automatically selects the right microphone for each situation. We even love the elegant and unbelievably lightweight design because it fits just as comfortably in your pocket as it does in the palm of your hand. The great thing for students is they can sit it on the corner of the desk and just set and forget while it records clearly so they can go back and review their group work for better outcomes in their projects and revising lecture content for better understanding and deeper learning.

We recommend getting your hands on one so you can see for yourself how easy the DVT600 is easy to use.


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