Insight into School Document Security and Process Efficiency

UnknownEvery day you see the evidence all around you. The education sector is changing rapidly and becoming more mobile.  Schools are integrating some of the most exciting new technologies, which makes them arguably the most dynamic and exciting places to work in the world today.

What’s more, document management within schools has become incredibly efficient.  Every document that schools need and the data within those documents can now be managed through a new digital format which provides the benefit of accessibility for the right people, from anywhere and at any time.  Selecting an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system that can reliably store and intuitively retrieve each form or captured image is an important choice for every school.  EDM is more than just a way to streamline the manual handling of administration processes and improve productivity; it is also an important way to preserve the security of stored information.

Konica Minolta have written an overview of the different EDM systems and the benefits that each may hold for your school and they have even included a handy checklist for evaluating the way your security can improve: Document security and process efficiency go hand-in-hand

Konica Minolta’s expertise comes from making work processes as smooth as possible and they continue to apply that experience to new technologies, helping the education sector choose a combination of hardware and software that solves your challenges and frees up your time.  This thoughtful analysis is informed by their deep knowledge of the administrative challenges within each sector which can make a massive difference by reducing the costs of new technology deployment and augmenting its benefits over the months and years thereafter.

You are invited to discover Konica Minolta’s thoughts on how to navigate the challenges presented by technology in education in their series of clear guides here:

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