Dual Video Universal Docking Station

The ability to connect to peripheral devices such as extra monitors, printers, data projectors and the like is important in the modern classroom. However, actually doing so, connecting your laptop to the school’s audio visual systems can be a real pain. If you forget a cable, or someone has accidentally taken a cable with them upon leaving a room, or any one of a number of other things happen, life can very quickly become quite annoying and difficult. Unless, of course, you are fortunate enough to have access to the new Targus Dual Video Universal Docking Station.

The Targus Dual Video Universal Docking Station creates a productive dual monitor experience for the workspace. Connect laptops, tablets and smartphones to the dock via a simple USB connection and extend your screens by two, device connectivity by 4 USB ports and add an Ethernet port. This universal USB Docking Station ensures current and future hardware compatibility with your school’s audio visual systems.

The dock supports use of either a single external 2K DisplayPort Monitor – the latest display technology with resolutions up to 2560 x 1600, or a dual monitor set up at resolutions up to 2048 x 1152 x 60fps.


The most compact dock in the range and a sleek industrial design make this dock a sure fit for shrinking desktops and tight spaces with elements like stacked ports. The raised grooves on the non-slip, angled top create a comfortable typing position for a laptop while offering passive cooling.

One of the features we particularly liked about this dock were the three inbuilt USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports which make it simple to add the latest keyboards, exterior hard drives, and other peripherals to customise your workspace experience. The dock also includes a powered USB 3.0 port for charging your smartphone or other devices such as iPad, Tablets and so on.

Unlike proprietary docking solutions, which lock users in to a specific device and brand such as either PC or Mac, the Dual Video Universal Docking Station, works with multiple platforms and operating systems eliminating the need to replace it at the next device refresh and making it ideal for use in BYOD environments. Hot swapping of desks is also a breeze. A teacher simply unplugs his or her laptop at the end of a class, and the next teacher can walk straight in and with one cable, be connected to a range of devices, no mess no fuss.

As great new dock from Targus.

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