DataLink DL3000

Whether the goal is to enhance emotional learning or meet common core testing objectives, curriculum directors, principals, department heads, and classroom teachers rely on the DataLink 3000 Test Scanner for fast and efficient grading. The ultimate in teacher supplies and classroom tools, Apperson’s DataLink 3000 Test Scanner allows educators to focus on developing curriculum, facilitating learning, and helping students grow professionally, intellectually, and emotionally. This Test Scanner is the definition of versatility with a wide range of scoring capabilities-from small quizzes to district-wide assessments.

Not only is this cutting-edge scanner the ideal tool for preparing students for NAPLAN testing, it enables educators to focus on classroom goals rather than scoring common core and other assessments. The wide range of features including a large-capacity automatic feeder, touchpad controls, and ink cartridges make grading a simple task.

The DataLink DL3000 extremely easy to load. Score up to 300 assessments at a time with this high-capacity test scanner that enables school districts to digitally score and report. What’s more, the DataLink DL3000 can score up to 65 tests per minute with as many as 150 questions graded on standard forms. Effortlessly score entire schools and thousands of student assessments.

The scanner includes a bar code reader for pre-marked assessments and 10-digit student ID fields – the most accurate way to score exams. Scan your data directly into DataLink Connect, the free assessment management solution to get better exam scoring, reporting and analysis. Users can instantly view appropriate reports such as item analysis, class roster, student proficiency, class proficiency, non-proficient students by group or standard, and several more. Thanks to the DL3000’s incredible flexibility, users can also define sub-groups and sub-tests for reports, or assign weighted scores by test question, for even more advanced reporting.

Transfer results to a wide variety of popular gradebooks, student information and learning management systems or programs such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Teachers can even save time by creating electronic answer keys for future download to scanners and to share with other teachers and classes.

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