BEETHEFIRST Keeps it Safe and Simple

maxresdefaultBEETHEFIRST 3D Printer at first look is sexy. Beyond its look it is lightweight and portable. It features a well-engineered steel constructed shell design covered with a white plastic housing, built with safety and simplicity in mind.

By having a hard-to-reach heated nozzle and aluminium guard, it prints on a completely cold platform and uses a biodegradable PLA plastic, we would have to say BEETHEFIRST has schools and safety in mind.

The software BEESOFT couldn’t be any more simple because the software used to drive this amazing 3D Printer takes complexity out and puts the focus on the object that is 3D Printed.

This small and compact 3D Printer may look basic but its features are something worth mentioning.

It is rumoured that eventually the printer will be able to print Wi-Fi allowing you pause your prints and transport your printer and continue printing elsewhere.

Calibrating this printer through BEESOFT is easy with a few clicks and its partially automated levelling makes your calibration time easy. The software and manuals and product videos are fully comprehensive towards the maintenance of the printer.

Australian Distributors for BEETHEFIRST, The 3D Printer, has a very special offer when purchasing BEETHEFIRST – get on board with it now because this is definitely a bargain not to be missed. | 1800 337 467 |

Watch the Product Video here:


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