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With schools, universities and other educational organisations closing due to the coronavirus outbreak, many are scrambling to find an online education solution. They are after a quick fix.

Unfortunately, a quick fix is like a mermaid or a unicorn; it doesn’t exist. The search for ‘low hanging fruit’ is essential to provide some type of solution in the current situation, but it is not a ‘real’ long term solution so what should or could be done?

Brett Salakas identifies the meta-traits that have enabled Greta Thunberg to so effectively communicate her vision to the world while also looking at what practical actions can be taken in classrooms and schools to help the students tap into their passions, develop a deep knowledge of the curriculum, and communicate their voice to a much wider audience.

How do you effectively implement an LMS in your school? And we look at the results of the world’s first real-time Child Online Safety Index based on surveys conducted with 145,426 children and adolescents in 30 countries over the last three years.

Find out the answers to these questions and much, much more in the latest issue of Education Technology Solutions. Out now!

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Education Technology Solutions
Education Technology Solutions has been created to inspire and encourage the use of technology in education. Through its content, Education Technology Solutions seeks to showcase cutting edge products and practices with a view to expanding the boundaries and raising the standards of education curricula. It introduces teachers and IT staff to the latest products, services and developments in education technology with a view to providing practical how-to guidance designed to facilitate the integration of those products and services into the school environment in the most productive and beneficial manner possible.

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