Tasmanian Catholic school Internet speeds go to top of the class

Student Internet Upgrades

More Tasmanian students will enjoy some of the best internet and network connectivity in Australia thanks to a partnership between Hobart-based digital services provider TasmaNet and Catholic Education Tasmania.

TasmaNet will connect 27 Catholic schools and all Catholic education offices in the state using nbnTM Enterprise Ethernet technology, offering super fast symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gbps delivered over dedicated fibre installed to each site.

Many of the schools are upgrading from existing Fibre to the Node or legacy microwave connections incapable of achieving the data transfer rates made possible by dedicated optical fibre.

TasmaNet Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Aris, said that connecting 29 locations throughout the state for a single customer is another milestone for the company, and is the largest Enterprise Ethernet order yet placed by any nbnTM Retail Service Provider.

“TasmaNet connected the first nbnTM  Enterprise Ethernet service in Australia earlier this year after being amongst the first providers accredited to sell the new product, and scaling up to 29 locations around the island was a logical next step for our service delivery team and account manager BrendanCooper,” said Ms Aris.

“We’ve developed robust systems that allow us to deliver multiple upgraded connections quickly, and our direct relationship with nbn Co as a wholesale provider means we can manage complex projects like this with minimal service interruption to our customer.”

Executive Director of Catholic Education in Tasmania John Mula, said the new deal with TasmaNet offers significant benefits to students and the wider community.

“Catholic schools in Tasmania have previously negotiated on an individual basis with different providers on the provision of internet services. I’m delighted Catholic Education is in partnership with TasmaNet, who will deliver improved internet services to thousands of students attending Catholic schools across the state, using the same super fast ethernet technology.

“The capability of delivering 1 Gbps speed over dedicated fibre to each school site offers a platform that will enhance learning and teaching opportunities for students irrespective of the geographical location of our schools.”

Mr Mula said the new deal was particularly pleasing as it supports a local Tasmanian company. The new partnership forms part of Catholic Education Tasmania’s three-year ICT strategy.

Ms Aris said that dedicated fibre unlocked cloud-based learning opportunities for schools, demonstrating the benefits offered to regional communities by improved connectivity.

“TasmaNet can deliver high-speed Enterprise Ethernet anywhere in Australia, and we’re proud to provide the same advantage to students so that they too can take on the world from Tasmania.”

For more information email  elizabeth.aris@tasmanet.com.au


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