New Schools Program Encourages Sustainable Outcomes


Leading product stewardship program MobileMuster has launched an Australian first educational program, Mobile Connections, which focuses on the interconnections students have with mobile phones and empowers them to make sustainable decisions.

Mobile Connections brings together a comprehensive curriculum with immersive digital resources and accredited teacher professional development, to foster critical thinking and enable students to make decisions and take actions that contribute to creating a sustainable world.

MobileMuster Manager, Spyro Kalos, hopes Mobile Connections will inspire students to think about their personal use of mobile phones and the impact they have on the world, “We want students to be the advocates for environmental change within their school and community, and to take action.”

The Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre (EEC) worked with MobileMuster to develop the Mobile Connections curriculum and digital books to be in line with the best educational practice. The program also fosters the responsible use of technology to extend the learning environment.

“We are excited to be working with MobileMuster on the program, which will offer Geography teachers contemporary content to engage their students. We can’t wait to see the uptake of it by teachers who are eagerly waiting for the professional development courses to start,” said Steve Papp, Principal Field of Mars EEC.

Schools will be supported through the program to conduct a student lead recycling event for their community and communicate why product stewardship is important. The educational resources are free to use and will be regularly updated with new content and ongoing support for schools and teachers nationwide. To access the Mobile Connections resources or to find out more information about the program, visit the website

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