The Ever Changing Role in Digital Leadership


The role of the school leader has encompassed so much in the last few years. Moving from the earlier roles of managers, financiers, disciplinarians to now the role of mentoring and coaching, facilitating effective pedagogical practices with an ever increasing load from the systems in which leaders work within. It can’t be all done by one person.

As our students enter our schools we need to ensure that the best possible opportunities are available for them to flourish and grow, challenge and support them as they develop in to effective global citizens in an ever changing Digital World.

Change is inevitable and as leaders we need to ensure that the best pedagogical practices, in particular effective digital pedagogical practices, are led in our schools.

I often reflect on the saying as a teacher ‘it is ok to do what you are doing now but it is not ok to stay that way in the future’. We need to evolve and refine our pedagogical practices to ensure that we provide the very best for the students of the day in a digital society.

So how do you lead a digital school?

Let’s look at the John Kotter model ‘8 steps to Leading Change’.

  1. Create – a sense of urgency
  2. Build – a guiding coalition
  3. Form – s strategic vision
  4. Enlist – a volunteer army
  5. Enable – action by removing barriers
  6. Generate – short term wins
  7. Sustain – acceleration
  8. Institute – change

Over the coming weeks, I will be expanding on each step of the John Kotter Model and the way in which I use this to lead the digital change within my sites. Feel free to share your own practices, comments and ideas on the way you have or are leading a digital school!

I’m Rick Noack and I’ll be attending and presenting at the Leading a Digital School Conference on the Sunshine Coast. Feel free to come and say Hi or have a Chat – Check out the program @

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