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The Circle with Disney device lets parents manage screen time and filter content for every device in the home while also giving users access to digital entertainment from Disney

Circle Media Inc. recently announced the launch of Circle with Disney, a device that reimagines how families use the Internet.

Managed through a companion iOS app, Circle with Disney is a tool that helps parents stay informed about their kids’ online activities and limit screen time on every device in the home, including smart phones, tablets, computers, and  gaming consoles.

 Circle with Disney pairs with home Wi-Fi and gives parents the ability to filter content, set a bedtime for devices, and even completely pause the Internet.

Each user’s profile and settings can be completely customized based on age and parents’ preferences.

Additionally, through a licensing partnership with Disney, Circle also provides families with Disney entertainment that parents trust and children love. Circle with Disney

will deliver a curated selection of Disney content including videos, blogs, gifs, emojis, music, games, characters and lots more through a unique experience called MyCircle.

“Increasingly, kids are interacting with Disney stories and characters across mobile and online devices, and Circle with Disney gives parents the tools to manage those experiences,” said Kyle Laughlin, SVP, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Labs.

“As the leading producer of kids content, Disney is committed to helping parents find the digital lifestyle that works for their home, and Circle with Disney makes that possible.”

 Circle with Disney is available now for $99 from, and will be available soon from The Circle app can be downloaded for FREE from the Apple App Store.

“Our mission with Circle is to redefine how families connect with the Internet, and ultimately with each other,” said Jelani Memory, founder of Circle Media Inc.



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