Billed as “Technology to transform K-12 Schools”, Schoolbox is a mature, robust and sustainable platform designed to connect your entire school community with a view to powering innovative teaching and learning.

One of the many features that sets Schoolbox apart, is the fact that it delivers industry-leading integrations. In simple terms, this means that Schoolbox have developed strategic partnerships with a number of notable student information systems, ensuring a seamless flow of data across your systems.

According to Alaress team (the brains behind Schoolbox), their product development is driven by leading and forward-thinking educational pedagogies. Schoolbox provides a holistic platform that supports the development of the whole student; their academic growth, extracurricular involvement and wellbeing.      

From a user experience point of view, Schoolbox has a clean, efficient and easy user interface with a responsive design and single sign-on authentication, enabling access  anytime, anywhere and on any device! With dynamic components that can be customised, or automated to display relevant information, Schoolbox delivers a personalised experience for each individual user.

One of the features we particularly liked about Schoolbox was how easy it is to administer. A powerful, back-end administration area enables users to manage and maintain the system with minimal resources. What’s more, their professional support team monitors and maintains the system, boasting 99% up-time.

More than just an LMS, Schoolbox provides a foundation for teachers to build interactive and engaging virtual classrooms. With Schoolbox, teachers can collaborate to build meaningful reusable courses that can be used across classes and years. Content can be continually reviewed, analysed and improved to ensure relevance, quality and consistency.

And perhaps most importantly, Schoolbox’s simple and efficient assessment and reporting cycle reduces the need to double handle data – ultimately saving teachers time! Automated analytics feed the continuous improvement cycle and help teachers to individualise learning journeys.

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