Leading a Digital School – Strategy and Tactics


The leading a digital school conference is:

  • A leadership conference
  • A digital technology conference.

It offers a fantastic opportunity for school leaders who wish to position and market their school as a leading digital school.

The conference offers strategic advice to assist school leaders achieve superior digital technology outcomes for their school. If you are a school leader reading this, why not attend yourself or send a member of staff involved in steering the strategic direction of your digital technology programs!

Strategy and Tactics

Every school needs a person or team of people championing and pushing a school’s digital capabilities and direction. Who has the responsibility in your school? You need a strategy you need smart tactics. Your digital program and direction is one of the most important considerations for a school leader in a contemporary digital society.

In one location over 3 days share and learn about the strategy and tactics you can employ to drive powerful change in your digital school – a very convenient way of saving you a lot of time and a lot of stress in your quest to move your school forward.

Keynotes, spotlight sessions and breakout sessions

focus on

strategy and tactics:

  • How to develop new skillsets and mindsets
  • How to breakdown silos
  • How to create a culture of innovation
  • How to adopt future focussed pedagogies
  • How to restructure school wide initiatives to effectively lead improvement, innovation and change in digital schools
  • Learn practical techniques and strategies for developing, and sustaining innovations in your school
  • What are the necessary conditions required for a culture of innovation and for positive school advancement to flourish?
  • What are the critical and interconnected roles of the school principal, leadership team and classroom teachers?
  • How to maximise the human, physical and financial capital along the way
  • How to deliver scalable trans disciplinary opportunities in the innovative use of digital technologies
  • How to evaluate the readiness of your school to embrace digital age learning
  • How to move from ‘tinkering’ to integration and cultural infusion
  • How to create unimagined possibilities and solutions in the “in between” – the space in between people where minds collide
  • How to use social media to interact with students, engage parents and promote your school to the world
  • How to distribute leadership from top to bottom and bottom to top
  • How to build personal learning networks and connections with like-minded educators across the world

And the most exciting thing about all of this is:

  • This comprehensive and cutting edge agenda is presented by principals, deputy principals and other very influential school leaders who are either experimenting with meeting these challenges right now, or who have successfully navigated their way through some of them – learn from your colleagues to avoid some mistakes and undue stress and to save you time.

Learn more

The conference is no ordinary digital technology conference.

If you wish to learn more about what it takes to lead in a digital school in today’s challenging educational climate, why not attend the Leading a Digital School Conference to be held at the QT Hotel, Gold Coast on 17, 18 and 19 August 2017? For more information and to register go to: www.ereg.me/digital17

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