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Edval Timetables has been providing timetabling software, support and services to schools across all states and territories in Australia as well as Ireland, UK and Asia for 20 years. Over 750 schools and hundreds of thousands of students rely on Edval Timetables every day. Our products originated from a research project at Sydney University and we now have a team of 34 passionate and committed professionals serving our clients. We listen to our clients and create innovative software based on their needs and requirements.

Premium Timetabling Software

The technology behind Edval Timetables, using advanced and complex algorithms coupled with complex business logic, allows users to specify precisely what they need within their school and provides optimal, automatic solutions based on their input. Edval Timetables solution quality is unsurpassed and our service is unparalleled; we regularly satisfy the requirements of schools who have been told they have requirements too complex for other systems. Through years of consultation and working in partnership with hundreds of schools, our software is packed with features that make a difference to a school’s operation in the areas of cost effectiveness, student elective choices and outcomes, efficient use of resources, staff satisfaction and more. Our unique support of ‘optimising costs’ as a core business function means schools find Edval to be a cost-negative solution, providing financial benefits that consistently exceed licensing costs.

School Daily Organisation

EdvalDaily is an additional module that works hand in hand with our timetabling module. EdvalDaily manages all the day-to-day variations of a school, for example, covering absent staff, managing excursions, exam scheduling, room swaps, statistical reports and much more.

Online Subject Selection

WebChoice is our online student portal designed for subject selection, prefect voting, sport choices and more. It is cost effective, easy to setup and flexible. Users can validate choices, setup co-requisite courses, email student access details and results.

Parent Teacher Scheduling

EdvalPTN is our priority-based, batch algorithm-generated schedules that are fair for everyone. We can solve the common problems of parent and teacher time waste, congestion and queues. Parent engagement is critical to students’ schooling lives and parent teacher nights are crucial for connecting parents with teachers on a human and personal level. Engagement suffers if events are poorly run and managed. Our system boosts parent involvement at events overall – it is just so easy!

Accredited Training

We provide accredited training for all our modules, delivered by trainers with in-depth knowledge of timetabling. We also provide clients with access to our comprehensive online support portal, which includes video tutorials, training resources, FAQs and knowledge base. In addition, our professional team of consultants provides prompt service via live chat, telephone and email.

Simply the best support team

We take great pride in our customer service. In addition to telephone and email support, Edval’s comprehensive online support portal includes: video tutorials, FAQs and solutions, ticket submission, online training resources, telephone and email support and web conferencing

Consultancy (Construction and TiR)

Edval consultants are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience gained from working with a wide variety of schools. In addition to support and timetable construction, we provide consultancy services to schools on a range of timetable-related enquiries.

The Timetabler-in-Residence (TiR) service is an Edval consultant who works with a school throughout the year to build and maintain the timetable file. The benefits to the school are:

  • no need to train users
  • fair and equitable timetable construction from an impartial and objective viewpoint
  • a responsive and dedicated resource backed by the Edval team
  • depth of experience, knowledge and skill giving a better quality end result

We strongly believe our products are the best available to meet the current and future needs of K-12 schools, students and staff. Our retention rate of over 99 percent bears out our conviction. Why not contact us for a demonstration and see for yourself. Visit www.edval.com.au or email sales@edval.education for more information.


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