The National FutureSchools Expo has just launched ALL 2017 agendas!


With FIVE conferences to choose from, the National FutureSchools Expo ensures there will be something for every teacher in the school. That’s why we’d encourage Education Technology Solutions to book a team and maximise the school’s professional learning investment.

I’ve made the selection easier for you and summarised the five conferences below:-

FUTURE LEADERS CONFERENCE – looks at the latest global trends and developments in school education, including changes to the schooling system, society, behaviour, pedagogy, curriculum, technology, professional learning and learning spaces.

• Who should attend? – Principals, Deputy Principals, Executive Teams, Heads of Departments, Head of Years, Leaders of eLearning and classroom teachers
TEACHING KIDS TO CODE CONFERENCE – focuses on the professional development for teachers of Australia’s new Digital Technologies Curriculum, with a focus on how to teach children to code.

• Who should attend? – Teachers with an interest in coding and robotics, ICT integrators/coordinators, computing teachers and STEM teachers
CLASSTECH CONFERENCE – a practical conference for coalface educators wanting to integrate emerging technologies into their classroom, and the ICT managers wanting to support these new emerging technologies.

• Who should attend? – Year 3-12 educators curious about emerging technologies, Principals, Curriculum Leaders and Head Teachers of STEM, IT and Network Managers, and eLearning coordinators wanting to support, leverage and optimise ClassTECH usage in their classroom
SPECIAL NEEDS & INCLUSION CONFERENCE – is designed for teachers from mainstream schools who are searching ideas to better integrate and support children with challenged backgrounds, learning difficulties and disabilities. You will takeaway practical ideas that can be easily implemented in the classroom.

• Who should attend? – Principals and teachers from mainstream schools who are searching for ideas to assist struggling students, special ed needs coordinators, learning support officers, school counsellors, pyschologists and therapists.
YOUNG LEARNERS CONFERENCE – is a highly practical and visionary event for all K-2 educators and school leaders. Understand how gamification, augmented reality, robotics and coding can be integrated into teaching and learning of the youngest ones.

Who should attend? – Primary school Principals, primary school teachers, stage and year coordinators in the foundation years (Kindergarten,1 and 2)

The National FutureSchools Expo is Australia’s largest schools focused event. It will take place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre over 23 – 24 March 2017. Don’t wait any longer and register for one of the five conferences that will be sure to sell-out!

Register Online here

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