Sound Devices MP-1 Microphone Preamp


The MP-1 portable, battery-powered microphone preamplifier with phantom power from Sound Devices is an ideal tool for any school shooting video footage using DSLR cameras with an outboard recording device such as an Atomos Ninja.

While DLSR cameras can capture amazing video, they often lack a proper microphone-out jack, instead providing a headphone-out jack only. However, there is a significant difference between the line level (strength) of the signal output from a headphone jack as opposed to a dedicated microphone-out jack. More often than not, what happens when some attempts to capture the audio signal from a headphone jack is that they record a much softer, weaker signal, which can present significant issues in post-production and editing.

Designed for high-definition field production environments, the studio-quality MP-1 is an ideal line-driver for critical radio, television and film applications. It is extremely durable and easy to use. With rugged mechanical and electrical construction and high-quality components, it will provide years of superb audio performance under the most punishing field conditions. The MP-1 can boost the signal from the headphone jack on your DSLR camera, ensuring that you get a strong, clean audio signal to your outboard recording device, be it a field recorder, Ninja or any other such device.

Rear of Sounds Devices MP-1

Sound Devices MP-1 Microphone Preamplifier (rear)

The MP-1 features up to 66dB of gain, in 11 discrete steps, as well as providing transformer-balanced input and output, phantom power in either 48 volt or 12 volt, a high pass filter at 80Hz or 160Hz and 6dB/octave, while an on-board limiter makes the unit virtually ‘unclippable’.

Powered by two AA batteries and boasting excellent immunity to radio frequency interference, this highly durable unit will provide years of quality service.

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