Finger touch interactivity – no pens required!

Epson EB-575Wi Projector

The ultra-short-throw EB-595Wi is the world’s first 3LCD, touch-enabled interactive projector from Epson. In addition to interactive pens, it is now possible to operate intuitively using your fingers on the screen (EB-595Wi/Wie only) — now you can annotate, open and close files, scroll through pages, move and enlarge objects.

Multi-user interactivity – Two people can write simultaneously on the interactive area using the 2 interactive pens with selectable function side button. With the finger touch interactive models (EB-595Wi/Wie), multiple users can annotate on the interactive area using a combination of 2 pens and up to 6 fingers at the same time! Perfect for classroom collaboration.

PC-less annotation – Interactive functionality is also available without a PC connection, so drawing on the projected screen is now possible when connected to other devices such as visualisers or DVD players etc. Even when there is no input source, you can annotate on the screen like a whiteboard.

Support BYOD classroom collaboration using Epson’s Moderator feature

 Moderator (teacher) can display up to four different device screens simultaneously and control which device screens to display

 Connect to up to 50 Windows®, Mac®, iOS® or Android devices

 Encourage and control classroom collaboration; perfect for comparing students’ work side-by-side

Easy Interactive Tools 3.0 – This new annotation software from Epson allows users to control projector settings over the network, record and save video from Epson document cameras, save, re-open and edit annotation files, access archived curriculum and program the interactive pen button to provide instant access to the most-used tools. Best of all, Easy Interactive Tools is free and ships with each interactive projector.

3LCD — The #1 projection technology in the world

All Epson projectors are based on 3-chip LCD technology for amazing colour, incredible detail and solid reliability:

 All 3LCD projectors have both high colour brightness and high white brightness

 All 3LCD projectors have 3 chips

 25% lower power consumption for lower energy costs1

 20 years of road-tested reliability

Wide ranging interface – Not only does the wide-ranging interface correspond with conventional analogue sources, it is compatible with two types of HDMI sources as well for digital connections. One of the HDMI input terminals is MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) certified for mirroring of Android and other mobile devices.

Flexible applications – These projectors can also project vertically downward, enabling users to transform any table top into an interactive surface. By utilising the optional ELP-MB29 table mount, an ordinary table becomes an engaging platform for interaction and collaboration.

Save energy and reduce operating costs

 ECO Mode — operates the projector at a lower brightness setting

 Light Optimiser Mode — adjusts the lamp brightness, based on the projected image

 Auto Mode — sensor automatically adjusts the lamp brightness, based on the room environment

 Lamp dimming — after a certain period of inactivity, the projector lamp dims, thereby extending the lamp life

 Lamp regulator function – automatically adjusts image brightness according to ambient light levels and image content. This feature helps reduce the load on the lamp and conserves electricity

 Sleep Mode (A/V Mute) — control your presentation; it’s right at your fingertips

 Direct Power On/Off — power the projector on/off with the flip of a wall switch

 Standby audio — even when the projector is in Standby Mode, you can use the projector’s internal speaker or pass audio out to an external speaker

Epson iProjection App – Display, annotate and control content from your iOS® or Android mobile device with the free Epson iProjection App and the optional wireless card. Teachers can walk around the class and still share engaging content. The App is easy to use and navigate with intuitive menu options that make it simple to bring iOS® and Android content to the big screen.

To find out how to set up your Epson iProjection App and learn more about your projector and device compatibility visit


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