SMART Technologies Reinvents Collaboration Landscape in ANZ with Shipment and Availability of SMART kapp® and kapp iQ™

kappiqfeaturesSMART Technologies Inc. an innovator and leading global provider of collaboration solutions, has announced the availability of its SMART kapp® product family in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). Poised to deliver real transformation in the collaboration space, the company’s investment into the region is fuelled by soaring demands for remote working and distance learning here, and a rapidly growing appetite for workplace and classroom collaboration.
Building on SMART’s robust momentum in the collaboration technology space, the first large-scale shipment of SMART kapp boards to ANZ will be resold via major partners such as Canon. The technology suite aims to revolutionise traditional whiteboards and interactive displays by offering the ability to share and save work in real time, on any device, with anyone, anywhere in the world.
“With the rise of the millennial generation, remote collaboration is fast becoming one of the biggest trends in Australia,” said Ricky Butler, Regional Manager, APAC, SMART kapp. “Driven by our 20 year history as the inventor of innovative smart boards, we are excited to introduce a product that is unlike any other to the ANZ market. We believe this will help propel SMART into broader industry sectors, as well as revolutionise the regular display and collaboration experience across all work spaces – classrooms to meeting rooms to home offices. SMART kapp will empower people to capture insights and share moments of inspiration easily and intuitively, across any computer or mobile device, with anyone, anywhere in the world.”
The initial shipment will make available two key products of the SMART kapp family – primarily SMART kapp, a digital capture board that revolutionises the whiteboard, and SMART kapp iQ, a unique plug and play solution that enables game-changing, multi-way collaboration via a sleek, ultra-high-definition display.
Partner Opportunities in Australia & New Zealand 
As one of the company’s key resellers in ANZ, Canon provides the full range of SMART products – from hardware and software, to installation, service and ongoing support. These allow for interactive collaboration, turning group work into an engaging and productive experience for students, teachers and workers alike.
Said David Klineberg, Senior General Manager, Specialised Imaging Division at Canon Australia, “SMART Technologies’ solutions are used in over 60 per cent of schools across Australia and New Zealand. This is a great fit for Canon, as we continue to actively engage with schools and businesses to provide them with innovative imaging solutions. The partnership enables us to support the growing demand for collaboration within the classroom and office environments.”
On the back of the successful partnership with Canon, SMART’s channel strategy in the region will continue to focus on both service providers and managed service providers. Westcon Group remains SMART’s associated distributor in the ANZ region.
Key Features of SMART kapp 
  • Enables users to pair their Andriod or iOS devices to a kapp board via the SMART kapp app, with a scan of its unique QR code or a tap of its NFC tag.
  • Allows users to write, draw and capture ideas using dry erase markers – while enabling them to convert their work to PDFs or JPEGs, instantly save them to their drive of choice (i.e. Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive) and send them to anyone, anywhere instantly.
  • Improves collaboration by enabling users to follow the evolution of ideas in real time – notes appear instantly on the host’s and remote participants’ computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Eliminates the ineffective practice of photographing whiteboards and flipcharts, or furiously typing notes during meetings or lectures, to save and share valuable information and insights.
  • No IT involvement or the need to connect to a corporate network, thereby it is less costly to maintain.
  • Enhanced features that enable up to 250 concurrent remote participants and offers additional security features available via an upgrade to a kapp plus account.
  • Available in 42-inch (portrait) and 84-inch (landscape) form factors
Additional Features of kapp iQ: All-in-One Interactive Display 
  • Unique plug and play solution combines the simplicity of the “walk-up-and-use” practice of the original SMART kapp whiteboard, with an incredible multi-way, multi-device collaborative experience.
  • Allows all local and remote users to collaborate and contribute in real time by making notes on devices that immediately display in the collaboration session.
  • Available in 55-inch and 65-inch displays
Pricing & Availability 
SMART kapp is available in Australia and New Zealand today with a MSRP of US$899 (which includes a one-year warranty) for a 42-inch display, and US$1,199 for an 84-inch display; while kapp iQ is available with a MSRP of US$3,999 for a 55-inch model and US$4,999 for a 65-inch model.
To learn more about SMART kapp, watch this video, or visit


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