Large Format Touchscreens – Replacing Interactive Whiteboards

postTouchscreens are the next generation solution for the education market and are replacing interactive whiteboards as the new standard in classroom presentation and student engagement. ABI is focused on delivering the best value touchscreen technology available today to make the classroom experience easier and more exciting for both student and teacher.

Touchscreens have a number of distinct advantages over the conventional projector-based interactive whiteboard solutions. Unlike interactive whiteboard solutions, there is no need to purchase a specialised data projector with special lens and mounting system (and no ongoing replacement lamps or even replacement projectors). Setup is much more simplified – greatly reducing or eliminating installation costs.

The user experience is also greatly enhanced. Gone are the ever present problems of shadowing and projector glare, as well as the necessity to work under controlled lighting conditions. With LED backlit LCD technology, the screen presents a brighter, more colourful, higher definition image which does not dim over time.

The AstralVision touchscreens have an inbuilt HD tuner, and a large selection of inputs to display a number of video and data source signals in superior Full High Definition. No drivers are required for Windows 7 or 8 and you can use up to 10 points of simultaneous touch as well as ‘gesturing’ which has been popularised by smartphones and tablets.

It is also worth noting that the mobile stands that are available for the AstralVision touchscreens are a fraction of the cost of the interactive whiteboard/projector stands (which have the added disadvantages of constant re-calibration, and awkward manoeuvring).

The future of interactive solutions in education is moving towards touchscreen displays, and the old style projector based whiteboards are rapidly fading into history with most of the vendors having already ceased manufacturing such products. The argument for touchscreens being the most intelligent classroom solution available is now stronger than ever.

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