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UnknownUniversal docking is one of the fastest growing trends we are seeing right now – and for good reason. Whilst some budgets are being squeezed, it now seems that having an array of new devices and store rooms filled with old port replicators that cannot be used again is set to be a thing of the past. Then there’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or even Choose Your Own Device (CYOD); coupled with new style PC’s, Ultrabooks, Hybrids and the push to use Apple Mac products, which all bring new challenges in the classroom. The question asked by IT managers and CIO’s regularly: “how do I make these working styles and array of devices work at any desk for any teacher to quickly set up, plug in and get teaching?” The answer obviously has to be universal – but then the question is “which one is going to work faultlessly for everything the teacher and the school needs?”

Targus has developed an extremely clever Universal Docking station solution and it is a big part of their business now and moving forward. The teacher IT experience in the classroom is a very strong prerogative at Targus. If you look across the entire product range, you will see they are all about making the teaching life, particularly in the personal IT needs of the teacher, simple and enjoyable.

The Targus Docking Station is the only docking station we know of at the moment that will dock an Apple Mac, Windows 8 Tablet & Windows based PC in both USB2.0 & USB3.0 formats. It performs faultlessly amongst and array of tests and seamlessly plugs into one device after another without a hitch. Microsoft in the US tested a multitude of universal docking stations over a period of 8 months and ONLY the Targus Universal Dock with power (ACP071) achieved Microsoft’s global standard – a true testament to the capabilities of this well thought-out device.

Targus claims that with an additional 2x adaptors, a mind boggling total of 6x monitors can run at Full HD directly out of the dock, add your laptop monitor and that equals 7x usable screens. Not only can it run 6x monitors, because the dock does the video processing for the PC, there is no lag from your PC with the increased video output; very impressive. With an industry leading 3 year warranty, which is over 50% more warranty than the nearest competitor, Targus are proving the confidence they have in their dock.

The docking solution in the classroom is extremely important to get right in order for teachers to use it simply and easily. It needs to be seamless and it needs to work time after time. Targus have clearly invested a lot of time and effort in the R&D for this dock.

One thing that we like about Targus is that they are strict on their social & environmental responsibility, outlining strict guidelines with their factories and enforcing that they comply with environment and working conditions that have been determined as ethical, and within guidelines. So you can rest easy knowing that no workers or the environment has been exploited in the development of their products.

For more information, please visit: http://targus.com/au/education/products.aspx


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