Is it worth upgrading to Parallels Desktop 10?

Ever dreamed what the future could hold if you could combine all of the best features of a PC and a Mac in one slick interface?

Today the future has arrived.  Prior to its official release, we were given a behind closed doors test drive of Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac. Long story short, we were literally blown away.

No doubt you have heard of Parallels, it’s been around a while. But if you thought that such a relatively mature piece of software couldn’t possibly improve so significantly in terms of performance and other benefits in its latest version, well… think again.  Version 10 not only integrates all the Windows 8 features you wish you had on your Mac desktop and it goes above and beyond by doing even more than you may have ever thought possible.

Now more than ever, performance matters in the education environment – and teachers and students should get ready because you are going to be very pleasantly surprised. Your batter life is going to last up to 30% longer and operate up to 60% faster. How you use your machine the most matters – and with one click optimization, the job gets done for you. If you’re the kind of whiz kid that likes to tinker in the back end, you still can – but for those who don’t, life just got a whole lot easier.

The new OS X Yosemite is handled and brought seamlessly into Windows. Collaboration through devices is a breeze now as you can right click on a phone number in Internet Explorer and call out with your iPhone if it is logged onto the same wifi network. You can even iMessage and SMS from Windows. Sharing files, text and images from Windows is more fluid and you can even use your Social Media accounts like Twitter and Facebook which are probably already configured on your Mac. Cloud storage (like Dropbox, Google Drive & iCloud Drive) has never been easier to access through a Windows 8 interface – if they are configured on your Mac, they are available on your new, beautifully melded desktop.

Have you ever found yourself tapping your desk waiting for Excel to load?  Do you ever get dizzy watching the spinning rainbow wheel go round and round every time you launch Word?  If, like all of us, you are using Office 2013 applications for so many aspects of your work activities, you are going to definitely enjoy the amount of time saved in launching the applications used the most. We are talking a whopping 50% faster than any previous iteration.

There are so many more features worth exploring in the latest (and greatest) Parallels experience – and if you are new to Parallels, rest assured you have come to the party at just the right time.

Want to check it out?


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