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Document cameras offer educational flexibility.

As students become more technologically savvy and interactive at much younger ages, teachers must find ways to not only face their students, but also stay within their range of attention. Poorly placed classroom control panels or unwieldy carts can hinder teachers’ efforts to manage their classrooms by walking around.

Recognising this impediment to effective teaching, Lumens — maker of the Ladibug line of Document Cameras — developed the world’s first wireless document camera to address the need for teachers to hold students’ attention by presenting a wide array of information from any location in their classroom.

Ladibug cameras have always had the ability to integrate with the teacher’s computer workstation via USB connection, but the Wireless DC125 Ladibug FLYER goes beyond that, letting instructors turn the document camera into a wireless hub and power supply by attaching a simple adaptor. As a wireless hub, it has no footprint on existing school networks, and can be easily secured to only allow those workstations with proper credentials to obtain a signal from the document camera.

Freedom from wires lets teachers send an image from any location in the classroom. This means that no teachable moment will be missed, whether it is from a lab table, classroom learning station or even a student’s desk.

Putting the Ladibug to work in the classroom introduces students to content in new ways and encourages reluctant students to improve skills. Early learners depend heavily on visual cues for learning, so the use of a document camera meshes naturally with their preferred learning style. Math class, for instance, creates many opportunities for sharing visual information, over and above basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Whether it’s science and art, or the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, the ways in which the document camera can be used to stimulate young learners are countless.

Reading Comes to Life

  • Drill students on common “sight words” to help them learn the basics of reading.
  • Let the entire class take turns reading aloud from the pages of a single book projected on the screen.
  • Help students get the hang of looking up words in the dictionary by doing it together.

Writing Made Visual

  • Demonstrate proper letter formation for improved penmanship.
  • Demonstrate poetry styles and construction, and then write as a class, by putting the emerging class composition side by side with a classic form.
  • Show students’ writing examples to provide positive feedback, reinforce effort or provide recognition.

Math Made Mesmerising

  • Let students see geometric shapes, so they can readily identify polygons, quadrilaterals, polyhedrons and more.
  • Illustrate fractions with numbers and pictures.
  • Illustrate place values (i.e., units, tens, hundreds, etc.).
  • Show students how to use common math tools, such as rulers, compasses and calculators.

Providing the digital tools teachers need is no longer a luxury. Increased and enhanced technology in the classroom is a necessity to keep pace with the continuing challenges of educating students. As students increasingly communicate with the world around them through digital, visual-intensive means, schools must stay ahead of the curve and engage students with teaching methods that appeal to this visually oriented generation. The Ladibug document camera is the solution to this growing challenge in schools.

Lumens offers high-definition multimedia document cameras that address the needs of today’s schools. Our goal is to provide teachers with tools that enable innovative teaching techniques and let educators concentrate on their students and course content, rather than struggle with technological barriers. And we are continuously improving our product designs to offer the world’s most advanced features.

Lumens products are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.

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