Konica Minolta launches 3D Systems’ ProJet MJP 2500 Series in Australia

Konica Minolta has announced the availability of 3D Systems’ ProJet MultiJet Printer (MPJ) 2500 to the Australian market, supported by its industry-leading service response times and business support in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.

The ProJet MJP 2500 Series is a productive, in-office 3D printer that improves and accelerates workflow. The 2500 Series provides the highest feature fidelity in its class, letting design professionals create precision models, prototypes, and injection-moulded-quality parts in the workplace. It delivers precision, speed, and simplicity while providing multi-jet printing at an accessible price. The 2500 Series also offers clean operation and easy post-processing.

The 2500 Series utilises 3D Systems’ new MJP EasyClean System, offering hands-off, chemical-free finishing without the need for waterlines or any special disposal considerations. In conjunction with 3D Systems’ non-toxic, melt-away wax supports, the EasyClean System delivers simple post-processing with no damage to delicate 3D feature details. This reduces the time and waste associated with reprinting broken parts and lets developers test ideas faster and more frequently, shortening design cycles, lowering development costs, and achieving better end products.

The ProJet MPJ 2500 Series features two models: the MPJ 2500; and the MPJ 2500 Plus. Both are engineered to deliver detailed, true-to-CAD parts. The Series is compatible with VisiJet M2 materials and delivers parts with incredible detail, high temperature resistance, and exceptional surface finish. The parts look and feel like injection-moulded plastic, enabling rigorous testing and functional use.

The ProJet MPJ 2500 Plus offers additional material capability with rigid clear plastic as well as flexible elastomeric black and elastomeric natural, each newly-developed for printing rubber-like parts that provide pliability, strength, and full elastic recovery.

Ideal for functional prototyping, rapid tooling and design communication, the 2500 Series is capable of printing 790 DPI in z, or over half a billion droplets of material for every cubic inch printed. The series also includes 3D Systems’ 3DSPRINT™ software, enabling quick printability checks, file repair, build time and material estimation, optimal part positioning, and print queue management; all from one integrated platform.

Marc Brandon, 3D Printing Product Marketing Manager, Konica Minolta, said, “The ProJet MJP 2500 Series is a cost-effective way for businesses to experiences the benefits of 3D printing. The Series brings easy-to-use, professional-quality additive manufacturing capabilities into any workspace, for a wide range of application challenges.

“In conjunction with the local service and support network offered by Konica Minolta, customers can be confident the ProJet MPJ 2500 Series offering will provide maximum uptime for their business-critical 3D printing needs.”

For more information: www.konicaminolta.com.au