Keep costs under Control with Smart Printing

UnknownThese days, in such a competitive environment, schools and universities need to look carefully at what they spend, where they spend it and whether they received value for money.

Sprawling printing infrastructure and excessive printing can add unnecessarily to the operational balance sheet, as well as wasting paper and ink. What might seem like convenience may actually be a looming problem.

In addition, with so many users on the network on portable devices, it is increasingly important to look ahead and take the strategic decisions which will help manage costs in the long term.

Fortunately, smart printing systems and solutions can provide a detailed insight into what is being printed, where and by which groups or individuals, and so can expose the real costs of your printing infrastructure.

In nearly all Print Management projects significant results are realised: reduced printing costs, improved workflow efficiency, reduction of exposure to breaches in security and a reduced environmental impact.

Konica Minolta has used its knowledge of technology deployment to write an overview of the different ways for organisations to reduce printing costs and control them going forward, even as mobile printing needs increase; Print Management in Action

You are invited to further discover Konica Minolta’s thoughts on how to navigate the challenges presented by technology in education in their series of clear guides.

For more information on how Konica Minolta can help your school, click here.

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