NASA ARTEMIS TEAM – a free teleconference with an Orion Engineer

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Join Heather Paul as she takes us on an inspirational voyage of discovery about Artemis, Orion and aerospace STEM careers.

Heather is a highly experience science communicator who has a passion for education outreach. She currently is the Health, Medical and Technical Authority of the Orion Crew and Service Module as well as the Senior Manager of the Human Health Countermeasures Exercise and Performance Portfolio.

She has coordinated 2,195 education, public outreach, and strategic communications events. Heather has personally supported 627 events, resulting in personal interactions with 90,320 students of all grade levels, educators, and adults from around the world.

Amongst many other things, Heather has completed over 400 parabolas (microgravity, lunar, and mars) on reduced gravity aircraft! Specialties: Human factors and human performance science and research; mechanical engineering; systems engineering; exercise physiology; life support system design and technology development; project planning, management, and implementation; communications and public speaking; public relations; business development; technical writing; and education and public outreach.

This FREE teleconference will be at 10: 45 am 21st August (AEST time) to allow for all Australian schools to be part of this amazing experience.

If you are interested in registering your school, please email: for a ZOOM invitation.

This FREE teleconference is brought to you by Lockheed Martin Australia, Artemis and One Giant Leap Australia Foundation.

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