Schools Cut Expenses in Projector Lamp Replacements


pic-1Projector lamps use very high performance, cutting edge technology, finely engineered to operate at extreme temperature and pressure levels. When you know that, you don’t want to take any risks on quality! Diamond Lamps take the Original Manufacturer bulbs and build them in to their own high quality cages to make lamp modules. By having less steps to market between manufacture of the modules and the user the cost is kept low, which can be passed along the line to the buyer. Diamond Lamps also offer a 6 Month Warranty on their lamps, which in most cases is longer than the OEM option.

Saving Thousands

By switching from the original equipment manufacturer lamp (OEM) to a Diamond Lamp alternative, institutes can save on average around $170.00 per lamp. Based on two lamps per projector on an average of 32 projectors per institute, that’s over $10,000 saving in a three year period. That’s a lot of money out of any school’s budget that can be spent elsewhere on new equipment.

Warranty FAQ’s

Some people are concerned that using anything but an OEM in their projector will void the warranty. Purchasing a Diamond Lamp will not affect the warranty of the projector. This is vital to take note on when purchasing replacement lamps as buying a “copy” Lamp would void your warranty and could result in some very expensive damages. Cheap copy and counterfeit lamps at prices that are just too good to be true should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately they are widely sold, especially online, and it’s easy to be misled by their clever wording. Philips ran tests last year that compared their original OEM lamps’ performance to Diamond Lamps and to copy lamps. You can see the results by visiting . It is definitely worth a watch and shows very clearly the differences between copy lamps and Diamond Lamps.

Diamond Lamps only use Original Manufacturers bulbs in their replacement projector lamps, having a good long standing relationship with Philips and Osram as well as Ushio and Phoenix has ensured a high quality product without the high cost. These four companies are independent and hold Intellectual Property (IP) rights to projector lamp technology.


Diamond Lamps website is highly informative, giving school buyers good insight into the industry and the dangers of buying the wrong product. Schools are advised to ask for Diamond Lamps by name. Available from quality AV dealers, Integrators, service centres and online stores.

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