How the Internet of Things will transform Education

pic1The Internet of Things (IoT) is on the horizon. With its data-gathering ability comes greater intelligence that will revolutionise the way we live.

With estimated wide-scale adoption only five years away, and the pervasive spread of mobile devices from smartphones to tablets, and increasingly portable computers within student populations, IoT technologies will be able to connect the right people together to accelerate learning as well as collecting and interpreting data on learners’ behaviours and activity.

  • Tailoring education to individual learning styles. The Internet of Things (IoT) opens up new frontiers with a huge potential for education. Used well, it will transform learning as it personalises and targets it to each student’s learning needs, styles and preferences, and aspirations.
  • Making learning more engaging.Not only the data about students can be used to assess their skills more effectively, but there is also potential to integrate IoT technology and learning activities to make it more relevant, engaging and motivating.
  • Capturing data and using it to inform the future. As the capabilities of things connected to the internet continue to advance, they will become more intelligent by capturing data accurately, consistently, and combining it into more useful information. The emergence of such authentic data will have significant benefits for education, bringing more real time information to students than ever before.

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to be transformational and highly disruptive to our education system, it also comes with a great new set of risks. Data security and integrity, as well as education policies are key factors in the successful implementation of the IoT technologies and at the heart of Konica Minolta’s thinking.

In a recent article “The Genius of Things“, Konica Minolta takes a critical look at the IoT and how it will help us get a much better understanding of how large amounts of data and complex systems work. We examine how the IoT will help generate more intelligent and meaningful insights, transform business decision making and responsiveness, and improve efficient and predictive analytics.

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