Broadband Solutions launches Digital Education Fund for Schools

  • ISP to provide $18,000 in high tech hardware to each eligible school.
  • Fund to complement Bandwidth on Demand solution that ensures schools only pay for the data they use.

Broadband Solutions, one Australia’s most reliable and fast growing education sector Internet service providers, has established the Broadband Solutions Digital Education Fund, providing up to $18,000 in hardware credits for eligible schools.

The move was inspired by the company’s experiences at this year’s EduTech conference, where Broadband Solutions hosted a panel discussion on Connecting Innovation with Education. The fund will help schools improve their network infrastructure and performance by improving their access to Broadband Solutions’ range of Cisco and Dell hardware; cloud storage and backup solutions; or BYOD ready devices.

“The digital classroom is placing unprecedented demands on school network infrastructure. Our fund will provide extra value to schools who want to become capable modern educators,” said Sam Bashiry, Managing Director of Broadband Solutions.

“EduTECH revealed that many schools are facing similar challenges in regards to bandwidth and network congestion. The networks provided by various departments are incapable of handling the huge bandwidth requirements of modern devices and education technologies,” continued Mr. Bashiry.

The fund sits atop Broadband Solutions’ envied Broadband on Demand technology, through which schools incrementally increase and decrease their bandwidth as their usage changes over time. The technology ensures schools only pay for the data they need while retaining the ability to instantly cater for increased usage.

“Our approach to Internet bandwidth management focuses on the school’s temporal needs. Network administrators can modify bandwidth limits, based on usage, to ensure costs are kept at an absolute minimum and that available bandwidth is always capable of supporting all devices on campus,” said Mr. Bashiry.

Over the past 3 years, Broadband Solutions has worked closely with educators to develop tailored network solutions that address the unique challenges of the education sector. Boasting a highly flexible and affordable suite of essential services, including voice and internet connectivity, and cloud storage and software deployment, Broadband Solutions has been able to improve the learning experience of countless students.

To find out how Bandwidth on Demand can help your school connect innovation with education visit contact Broadband Solutions today by phone 1300 683 000 or email


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